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Answers to your frequently asked questions.

Do we have to pay to run a deal on your site?
No, in fact, we want to pay you! You will not be charged to post a deal on our site. We will collect a commission on each deal that we successfully market and sell for you. Our commission will be based on the value of the deal.

Are we able to see who purchased our deals?
Yes, our back-end reporting system is impressively robust! Once you are an approved merchant with us, you will be given access to our Business Dashboard, which allows you to log in and view each individual voucher that has been purchased along with the purchaser’s name and voucher details. We can also download a final report and email it to you when the deal closes.

Does the customer have to provide a voucher for the deal?
Yes, we make it very clear to the purchaser that the printed voucher is required to redeem the offer at the business. We will ask you to either mark the deal redeemed by scanning the QR code on the printed voucher or logging in to your merchant account and posting it online.

How do you prevent voucher fraud?
Each voucher is given a unique Voucher Code. By scanning the QR code on the voucher or marking it redeemed online, the voucher cannot be reused.

Do the deals have time frames that you want us to adhere to?
In general, deals run a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of 30 days. However, we have the flexibility to run a 24-hour flash sale deal or three-month package deal depending on your needs. You will determine the expiration date of the voucher.

Can we run a deal for multiple locations?
Yes, you can run one deal valid at multiple locations as long as the business name is the same.

Can we run a new deal every month?
Yes, we encourage you to place a new deal with us every month to continue to market your business and attract new clients.

How do I access my merchant account?
Once you are an approved merchant, we will give you access to your private merchant account.

When will I be paid on the deals that sold?
Your check will be cut and mailed within 1 to 3 business days of the deal ending.

Will you help us create a deal that works?
Yes! Our experience as spa advocates for more than 10 years gives us the expertise to help you create attractive deals.

How do I scan the QR code on the voucher?
You will need to download a free QR code reader on your smartphone. On your phone, go to your app store and search for “QR reader” and a number of choices will display. Once you install the reader, you will simply scan the code, fill in the requested information and click on Submit. We recommend QR Droid for Android phones, QR Reader or QR Scanner for iPhones and QR Code Scanner Pro for BlackBerry phones.

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